Photography in Reno Nevada and all points east

grant wesley

Washoe Valley Nevada dry lakebed 2015

          Artist Statement              

   I remember when I thought Photography would always be film, chemicals  and darkrooms as I remembered  from my childhood.  I couldn't imagine it any other way and mostly I  always had a darkroom and most of my expendable money payed for film, paper, chemicals and the occasional new lens or camera.  Although most of my life I made my living by working in fields  other  then, but allied  to photography,  I always approached  how I did things in a professional manner when it came to equipment and print  production, always being careful to process and print with  archival methods.  W hen digital cameras first came on the market I saw them as very expensive toys. The Nikon DCS 100 was less then 2 Mp camera and cost $13,000 in 1991 and was good only for newspapers, or so I thought.  I remember that in 1991 $13,000 was the cost of all my equipment in total.  2003 I brought a Fuji S2 Pro it was 6 MP and cost $2,400,  It was a Nikon mount so I had lens because I was A Nikon user. I could get 36 raw files on a 256 MB flash card that cost $250.00. I had two cards so I was always having to run home and download the files, it took forever to download 36 files. I thought that camera was wonderful and made some very large prints from it that looked better then anything from a 35 mm negative.  My son now has that camera as I moved on from it.


 Today I use a Nikon D700   but mostly a Sony A6000 which is so small and light that is no burden to carry, most all of the photos in 2015 and 2016 come from the Sony. 

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